May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God & the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all!


Powerful Prayer

I need powerful prayer. I am feeling ill. Yesterday I had a fever, today hasn’t been much better. Thanks beloved family & friends. You are all so wonderful.

God is super amazing is He not?!! I am so excited about all He is doing & planning… so many of my dreams are on the horizon. God is so detailed & loving… that He would pay attention & care about me so much!
I pray that the Lord would give you wisdom & grace to accomplish all your dreams!



I need your help so much LORD JESUS CHRIST, Son of God the Father Almighty, One True Savior of the world, Victor of death and bringer of Life, the definition & source of Love… the Love of my life!!!

This weekend we had The Canvas Retreat, a weekend away to be together with the Lord Jesus. A time of expectation and encounters with God’s Presence. Saturday night ended up being a Holy Spirit blasting time!!! So many got set free from addictions, lifestyles, and passiveness. It was a beautiful picture. Heaven entered the room, the moment we gathered together to form a recyclable-fire-tunnel and pray & prophesy over everybody. God fell on us. I have had dreams on my heart for the past several months, and I was a complete MESS when by the time I had finished the prayer tunnel… because by the mouthes of so many, the Lord spoke to me about my dreams. We started the ipod going afterwards and the Holy Spirit, who fell on us a good hour before, started running like a crazy person around the room!!! We had such amazing wild worship, in TOTAL freedom and full of JOY!!! (Honestly, it felt like I was in the Twin View Campus at Bethel Church – Redding, CA… and it was MARVELOUS.) PRAISE GOD!!!

But because of that amazing awesome time, I really need you God. Those dreams you have for me, those things… hard things you have for me to do while I am here on this earth… I NEED your help. Help me. Give me more passion, more love, more power, more Holy Spirit, more wisdom, more favor… make me like you Jesus. Totally dependant on Father God.

If you find some time in your day, and the Lord moves you – pray for me? Pray this prayer FOR me? Thank you, may our Lord Jesus BLESS YOU WITH CRAZY FAVOR!

 Food for thought: “You can overdose on the Holy Ghost, but what a way to die!” – Kris Vallotton

Brooke & Rachel!!!

My beautiful Brooke is coming for a November visit!!! I am so excited…
My lovely Rachel is coming for a December visit!!! Life is so good…


Bethel’s Holiday Feast!

I am SO SO SO excited for December 10th! Bethel is hosting their 15th annual Holiday Feast!

Where the family of Bethel formally invite the less fortunate family members of the Redding community to be treated & served like kings & queens! We (Bethel family) will serve them (around 600 people) 2 grand Christmas meals (lunch & dinner) with all the HUGE fancy fixings!!! And have new clothing, shoes, “winter” gear (no not like a Fargo winter, of course), and presents!

Bethel Family Volunteers include: 128 Table Hosts, 240 Servers, 40 beverage servers, 24 Greeters/Ushers, 16 Hospitality Hosts/Hostesses (my job from 9am til 6pm!), 58 Kitchen, 40 Dishes Crew, 10 Decorators, 10 Bus Ministry, 32 Clothing giveaway, 18 Set up/clean up Crew, 12 Photography with Santa Crew, 24 Children’s Event, 10 Office/Registration Crew, 8 Table Busing Crew.

What an amazing opportunity! I am so grateful to be able to learn new things from this house… this event is right up my alley & I cannot wait to experience that night & minister to the Lord’s heart so affectionately in this way! I even get to serve in my area of expertise, Hospitality! I am so happy & excited I am almost bursting with joy just thinking about the day…

Pray with our family here? We have great expectations for the Lord on that day – pray we would be His pure embodiment of love… thank you!!!

dreams dreams dreams…

There are so many dreams in my life! So many projects my heart is working on, more my head is scheming on, and some my hands are attempting to create!

At the Bethel house, in their Supernatural School of Ministry, they require their students to draw up a list of 100 dreams for their life & Pastor Danny Silk teaches couples in his premarital courses to draw up a life of dreams to accomplish as a couple 120 years out! I currently have 37 dreams written down… and struggling to add to it – but the Lord is bringing new dreams every day…

What are YOUR dreams?! I challenge you to make your own lists…

Proverbs 9:1

“Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out its 7 pillars.”

There are 7 standards to a healthy relationship: Love, Honor/Respect, Self-Control, Responsibility, Truth, Faith & Vision.

So I am taking this premarital course written by Danny Silk, one of Bethel’s associate pastors. It is amazing. Course, I am not getting married… yet. I figure that if I learn all these lessons now, then I can make a better informed decision about who to allow to pursue me in the future. Here are a tiny bit of my notes…

If you don’t learn these 7 pillars, you will instead learn to be fabulous frauds in the church & in your marriage.

The CORE of a healthy relationship is that you can be you no matter what is going on, or where you are (Responsibility). In order to have a healthy relationship we need healthy goals: Safety & Connection.

LOVE – Unconditional acceptance communicates that you get to be you & I get to be me.

HONOR – (Respect = Freedom!) is the currency of heaven; the result of honor is that you feel powerful around me, we engage together. With respect I can trust that you will do whats best for us.

SELF CONTROL – (Fruit of the Holy Spirit!) I manage me no matter what you are doing or not doing. I will never blame you for how I treat you or communicate with you. Proverbs 25:28

RESPONSIBILITY – I must respond to the situations in my life, anticipate life & be prepared for it. I need a plan for what I am going to do or say no matter what you choose to do. (I have a plan when you are disrespectful to me, I will never blame you for the words I use, actions I make, or distance I create… because I am responsible for my response.)

TRUTH – I will courageously show you who I am even when I am afraid. Truth sets us free, free to be ourselves around each other. (If you think you are married to a psycho-path… you attract who you are, not what you want.) The lack of trust says more about you than it does the person you don’t trust.

FAITH – We must have a supernatural supply of love & forgiveness. God is my supply & you are my target! You need to learn how to create intimacy without sex, or you won’t be able to have intimacy without sex.

VISION – Any relationship has to have a purpose. Plan out your relationship’s purpose, how far can you see? Plan for 120 years!

ENDING GOAL: Peace, Hope & Joy! (if you are missing any one of the above 7 pillars, these 3 things will slip out of your relationship)

Accountability is limited to what you will allow someone to address in your life.

I have a committment to being a healthy person – no matter what you do. I don’t control you, nor will I ever try & you don’t control me, and if you ever try…

Healthy people do NOT work well in unhealthy environments. (Jesus created so many problems they killed him for it!) For example, a marriage where both are alcoholics. An alcoholiage. One gets cleaned up & wants nothing to do with alcohol anymore… there will be severe friction & less tolerance from the healthy side to the continued alcoholic in that marriage. Health wants nothing to do with sickness.

The result in your healing is FREEDOM! Do what ever you can to get free, no matter the cost. Jesus Christ is & will ever be the only answer.

Soon to end the season of rest?

Many of you know that I moved out here to Redding, CA to learn how to rest… & the best place on the planet to do that? Bethel Church! However… (Nate stop reading right here, I don’t want you to see the following… haha)

Meg & I met this older couple at church Sunday morning. They were so wonderful that I blurted out a Monday dinner invitation before asking Megan! (We made lasanga) Myrna (the lady) had so many Words for me! She grabbed me while the two of us were in the kitchen and told me that I “will not be idle for much longer… that the season of resting that I am in & the lessons I am learning here, I will need for the soon coming future!” WOWIE! A crazy Word from a sweet woman of the Lord God.

(The above Word + the Word I received during my visit to Vacaville, CA a few weeks ago… where Graham Cooke pastors… “Be open. Be open to what God may do” = a wondering little me. God, what are you going to whack me with while I lay here in wonder, love & praise?! Help me to be ready.

Although resting is proving to be sometimes difficult, I am REALLY very much enjoying myself. I feel God stirring inside of me. There are great things coming, heavy tasks, righteous responsibilities, deep callings & wide hungers.

Thank you God for calling me to this time of resting, a time to remember who I am in You & what every inch of my foundation looks like. Wreck & ruin me… it will hurt & I might whince, but use me anyway. I am yours.